I’m back!!!!

Well almost.  So my computer took a nosedive and now i’m all set up and running just a few more things to install and back to the fun clothes!


Girl on a Budget (confession)


gwenFirst off, I have a confession.  I broke and hit some black Friday sales.  WHY I decided to try to NOT shop before this day of crazy sales is beyond me and why did not a single person stop me? And even more, I am a Marketplace-aholic shopper (hence mostly Marketplace links).  Now that that is off my chest, I can continue where I left off and while I wish I could do this every day and see JUST how many looks I have stashed away, that is just impossible BUT I will continue to do as many as I am able.  Tonight I wanted to feel like a sexy rocker chick and went to digging and low and behold look what I found!  Who do you want to dress up like?

Outfit: ::LD:: Gwen Outfit – Maitreya/Leza/Tonic/TMP/Slink (I am wearing it on the Maitreya Lara Body) Loco Design

Bindi:  ^^Swallow^^ Jahanara Bindi Swallow

Hair:  Beusey: Acid Mesh Hair Beusey

Girl on a Budget (day 1)


WinteriscomingGuess what?! Winter is coming…and no, I have never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones.  (don’t hang me!)  BUT cooler temperatures are setting in and it’s time to bring out the warmer clothing and take those wonderful walks through all the snow-covered, icy sims and enjoy the peacefulness that it entails.  I didn’t have to dig too deeply for this comfortable casual look I actually knew EXACTLY what I wanted to wear to do a bit of wandering.  Crazy I know!

Top:  Blueberry – Roro  (Purple)  Found on the Marketplace here:  Blueberry

Jeans: Blueberry – Mia (Midnight)   Found on the Marketplace here: Blueberry

Hair: Exile – Snow Fall (old Gacha item)

Boots: ::ROC:: – Bohemia Tassel Boots – Found on the Marketplace here:  ::ROC::

Location:    Mystical Fae Forest

Girl on a Budget!


So, a thing has happened (see photo), and now I have an entire home and land to decorate *insert laugh*.  So what does this mean?  YES! I’m now on a budget.  Did  I shed a tear? Maybe a few but then I thought why not make this a challenge?  Do I love to shop?  Well, YEAH, that’s pretty much a given.  But, how many times have you bought and bought and then suddenly remember you had the perfect dress, shoes, hair, pants, tops, you name it, all along?  So, here we go, nothing newly bought, ONLY what I already have.  How many looks can I come up with?? I suppose we’ll find out.  Maybe you can take the challenge with me.  Or better yet!!!  Give me ideas! What would you like to see and can I  make it happen without buying something new for it?  Who’s with me?!

Oh yeah, wish me luck too, this could get stressful.

On her:

Outfit:  Blueberry Poppy Leggings and Jacket found on the Marketplace here:  Blueberry

Hair:  Magika – Fever found on the Marketplace here:  Magika

On him:

I will need to get back to you  ;o)



she missed him

Some days were easier than others, some harder than the day before, but rest assured there was never a day he didn’t cross her mind, leaving her with just a blissful memory…

Hair:  Magika – Talk Like That  –  Magika

Sweater:  Kaithleen’s Crop Fur Coat (Midnight) – Tres Chic Event

Jeans:  Blueberry – Tink Mesh Jeans – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – Blueberry

Boots:  ::ROC:: – Bohemia Tassel Boot – ROC

Location:  Libentia